CIMG0288 Chocolate-glazed mini-cheesecake, September 2005

Chocolate-glazed mini-cheesecake, September 2005

CIMG0288 Chocolate-glazed mini-cheesecake


I had a funny incident in a grocery store in Vilnius. I was standing in front of the dairy case. A guy and a girl walked up to me and asked, in English, if I spoke English. The guy had a vaguely German/Scandinavian accent, so he wasn’t a native English speaker. I said yes. He asked me then if I know where to find “chocolate with cheese inside”. Despite the strangeness of the request, I figured I knew what he was talking about. There is a delicacy that kinda fits this description, except that’s a very, umm… awkward way to describe it.

It most closely resembles a mini-cheesecake, only it’s not like American style cheesecake. It’s a small slab of rich, sweet cheese concoction glazed with chocolate. It often has some flavoring mixed into the cheese: raisins, candied fruit, berries. I love it. I explained to them what it was and they seemed to think it was the thing they were looking for. But “chocolate with cheese inside” is a very odd way to describe it, indeed. So odd that when I told my mom about the incident she doubled up in laughter.

So here it is, in the picture.