CIMG2130 A two-level courtyard

A two-level courtyard

CIMG2130 A two-level courtyard on Tilto (“Bridge”) street.

CIMG2130 A two-level courtyard on Tilto (“Bridge”) street. This place, located smack dab in the middle of Vilnius, is a mystery to me. I call it a two-level courtyard. I wonder what is the function of this semi-circular wall with red tile-covered wings, on the right? And why is there another different layer of buildings on top of this wall? In the next picture you can see a yellow house that appears to be sitting behind the semi-circular wall. Well, it’s actually not behind it, it’s on top of it. Go figure.

Here is another view of the two-level courtyard from 2004.

When I tried to find this courtyard in 2016, I could not. The entrance to it might have been gated off and required an access code.

Vilnius, Lithuania, May 2006.