CIMG2917 An extremely kitschy veranda

An extremely kitschy veranda

CIMG2917 An extremely kitschy veranda

CIMG2917 While I was in Stockholm, my friend and I went to visit a certain electronic music composer at his house. He is her family friend. He has the most over-the-top kitschy house, full of knicknacks and furniture that really take the concept of kitsch to the next level. We took lots of pictures there.

This veranda is the kitsch central of the house. It sports the juiciest, campiest stuff, such as candleholders with nymphs. My friend, however, indicated that perhaps all this stuff wasn’t chosen by the owner, but given to him by various people as presents. If so, he indulges them than most people would, by proudly displaying the campy gifts, while others may have stuffed them in the back of their closets. It takes guts to sacrifice your own good taste and to risk the impression you make on others, to bring joy to people who give you presents. If that’s really the case. For now, I’ll stick to this theory.

Here is the post with all the pictures from this eccentrically decorated house.

Stockholm, Sweden, May 2006