CIMG3866 Iguana: side and paws

Iguana: side and paws

CIMG3866 Iguana sitting on a person’s shoulder, from the side

CIMG3866 A guy with an iguana in the ConSuite at the ArmadilloCon. (A ConSuite is a room with food, drink, couches and chairs to relax and have a bite to eat during the convention.)

The lizard was completely still for a long time, so that I could hardly believe it wasn’t a toy. Then it moved a little bit. So I filmed the creature, just to make sure that her movement wasn’t just an optical illusion. Indeed, if you are patient, you may see her tilt hear head or flap its neck wattles a tiny bit. The 34-second video can be found here:

ArmadilloCon is an annual speculative fiction convention in Austin, Texas, USA.

August 2006