CIMG4586 An imploded beer can

An imploded beer can

CIMG4586 An imploded beer can

CIMG4586 Here is the beer after being dipped in cold water. It looks like it’s been crushed.

This is the result of an experiment performed by P. He heats the can over a stove, causing the air inside it to heat up, then dips the can in a bowl of cold water. As the air inside shrinks, the can instantly implodes.

He starts out by heating an upside-down beer can on the stove. The can is empty except for a few drops of water, since he washed it out before heating. In the video, P speculates whether the presence of the small amount of water in the can makes a difference (when heated, it turns into steam). At some point he plans to perform another experiment with a completely dry can and compare the results.

December 2006