CIMG5006 Application of alginate starts

Application of alginate starts

CIMG5006 M starts applying alginate on my face

CIMG5006 M starts applying alginate on my face

P and M warned me to keep a pleasant expression of face as they put alginate on my face, because alginate picks up even the tiniest details of your skin texture; so if you wrinkle your forehead or scrunch your eyes, it will all be reflected in your mask. Regardless, it’s pretty hard to keep your face relaxed when your eyes are being glued shut by thick goop that’s being heaped on your eyelids. I could not help but scrunch my eyes. As we’ll see later, my face cast turned out to be a bit of a disaster.

The end goal of this process was to make a plaster mask of my face, as documented step by step in my blog post.

February 2007, Austin, Texas