CIMG6043 A nature-defying costume at Burning Flipside 2007

A nature-defying costume at Burning Flipside 2007

CIMG6043 A costume with a white, lacy underskirt

CIMG6043 This costume truly represented a triumph of human spirit over nature, if you keep in mind that it rained the whole weekend of Flipside, and the mud was ankle-deep in some places. And still this person’s white lacy underskirt (it’s lacy, though my little toy camera didn’t capture its details) stayed miraculously, blindingly white… at least for as long as I observed it. As it swished mere inches above the mud, it looked like defiance incarnated.

This was also one of the most elegant costumes at Flipside — somewhat of a rarity at an event where… how should I say it… taste and elegance were not the prevailing esthetic criteria.

Burning Flipside 2007. May 2007, near Austin, TX.