CIMG6799 ArmadilloCon 2007 writers workshop: breaking out into critique groups

Urania Fung (left) and Louise Marley at the ArmadilloCon 2007 writers workshop

CIMG6799 Urania Fung (left) and Louise Marley

CIMG6799 The writers’ workshop started out with 3 hours of lectures by the pros, and then, after lunch, the participants broke out into their critique groups, where everybody — students and pros — critiqued each student’s manuscript. Among the people in my writers’ workshop group were Urania Fung (left), a student, and Louise Marley, instructor. Louise Marley was also the Guest of Honor at that year’s ArmadilloCon.

ArmadilloCon is a speculative fiction convention that takes place every year in Austin, Texas.