CIMG6882 I Fell in Love with an Octopus panel

Laura Anne Gilman on I Fell in Love with an Octopus panel at ArmadilloCon 2007

CIMG6882 Laura Anne Gilman

CIMG6882 Laura Anne Gilman at ArmadilloCon 2007. Here is the following quote from her from the “Mythology/Schmythology” panel:

“Is a hero someone who knows he has a destiny, or someone who fights against the odds to do something heroic? Somebody like Harry Potter, who knew he had a destiny, who was told by everybody he was special, and people trained him for that and protected him? I don’t think that’s a hero, that’s cannon fodder.”

ArmadilloCon is a speculative fiction convention that takes place every year in Austin, Texas.

Austin, Texas, July 2007