E’s 8th month: E on the grass, December of 2005

In one of my sporadic attempts to introduce the baby to the world outside of the climate-controlled, twilit apartment with its clutter of blinkenlight toys, I took her to a park. Well, actually it was a patch of grass by a pond. I put the baby on a blanket, booted a laptop and watched to see if the baby magically discovers the wonders of nature. She, however, did not immediately get an idea that she was supposed to commune with living things. Frankly, the aforementioned living things, of which there was only dry, brown grass, did not look very welcoming. Finally, though, I coaxed her off the blanket and onto the grass. She patted the rough, spiky grass with a justified suspicion, and threw herself onto it, resulting in the unintended headstand. Or is that a neck-stand?

Crawls on grass, November 2005
CIMG1119 7 months: E crawls on grass

Then she sat right-side up, pulled a handful of grass, and examined it.

Sits in the grass, December 2005
CIMG1124 7 months: E sits in the dry, withered December grass, pulls it by the handful and examines it
In the grass, hand raised; December 2005
CIMG1130 7 months: E ventured further into the grass, her hand raised, like stalking a prey.

She poked at dry stalks and screeched enthusiastically.

E with a stalk of dry grass, December 2005
CIMG1131 7 months: E poked at dry stalks and screeched enthusiastically.