Tofu pie, November 2005

On Thanksgiving in November of 2005 I made a ricotta-apple pie and a tofu pie. I really wanted just to make a tofu pie, but made the other one as a nod to normalcy. The ricotta-apple pie was not bad, but the tofu concoction was better. I would not have guessed that tofu is so well suitable for pies. (I used the silky kind.) I pureed it in a blender with an egg, lemon juice, lemon peel, sugar and vanilla, poured the mixture into a crust and baked. I liked it even better than many traditional pies, since it had none of their over-the-top sweetness, heaviness and grease. It was fairly low in calorie and tasted light.

A slice of the ricotta-apple pie

A slice of ricotta-apple pie, November 2005
CIMG1076 A slice of ricotta-apple pie

Tofu pie

Tofu pie, November 2005
CIMG1064 Tofu pie, November 2005

A slice of tofu pie

A slice of tofu pie with cherry topping, November 2005
CIMG1083 A slice of tofu pie I made, topped with cherry topping